LifeStyle Coaching

Mode and Mods

LifeStyle Coaching helps you to tap into your full potential so that you can become your higher self. The LifeStyle Coaching Mode helps you learn how to take full control of your LifeStyle to become the best version of yourself. Here is what you’ll find in this Mode:

  • Articles and Posts on LifeStyle coaching updated regularly.
  • Mods (modules and apps) that you can use to help you practice the LifeStyle techniques you learn in this Mode.
  • Products and Services you can use on an ongoing basis to constantly improve your LifeStyle!

LifeStyle Coaching Topics and Mods: LifeStyle Coaching Topics

Current Products and Services: One-on-One sessions with Tamika Knight.

Future Products and Services: Books, DVDs, audio recordings, inspirational art and posters, blogs, newsletters, LifeStyle Image Mobs, LifeStyle Activities, LifeStyle Meets & Greets, LifeStyle Workshops and Seminars.